Thursday, January 24, 2008

Auction for Galgo Rescue

A Carpe Canem Benefit Auction for the Galgo Rescue International Network (GRIN) has begun. Check out the multi-color crocheted Greyhound doll and the gorgeous knitted Greyhound sweaters. There are many unique items and a Greyhound Doll crochet pattern booklet up for bids. The auction will last until 7pm PST/10pm EST on Tuesday, January 29.

Please bid high and bid often, and help GRIN help the Galgos.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Craft Fair for Greyhound Rescue

Lesley Phillips and friends filled 2 tables with hand-made items at a craft fair. Look closely and you'll see several crocheted Pixie Hounds. All proceeds from the sale went to Greyhound Rescue. Hurray Leslie!

Greyhound Shawl

This beautiful Greyhound Shawl was crocheted by Peggy Reid. She started with the afghan pattern and improvised. I love the border.

Greyt job, Peggy!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Auction for Midwest Greyhound Adoption

Midwest Greyhound Adoption ( has taken in EIGHT broken legged hounds the past three weeks from Dairyland Racing Park. Midwest Greyhounds took them in, will fix them and find them loving homes. Unfortunately, the money needed to repair and care for these hounds is upwards of $15,000. This auction is to help Midwest Greyhound in a small way to pay those bills. Click here to see the items:

Please be VERY Generous. There are some wonderful and unique items available.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Auction for Greyhound Support Kansas City

An auction is in progress to benefit Greyhound Support in Kansas City.
GSKC is a non-profit organization that moves retired, injured and/or unwanted Greyhounds out of racing farms and kennels and into adoption groups across the United States.
If you have items you would like to donate for a benefit auction please contact us or check with your local adoption group.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Auction for Fast K9's Greyhound Adoption

A Carpe Canem Benefit Auction for Fast K9's Greyhound Adoption has begun. The auction will last until 7pm PST/10pm EST on Tuesday, January 15.

Please bid high and bid often, and help Fast K9's find more forever homes for Greyhounds. Mik usually runs 2 auctions per month. If you have any items you'd like to donate, please contact Mik at the email link on the auction page.

Check out the greyt items up for auction including dog coats and collars. You must see the St Paddy's Day collar and the Valentine's Day collar. There are several vintage and unique items, too. Remember, it all goes to help the hounds.Happy bidding! Good luck!

Friday, January 4, 2008

A Whippet Doll in Crochet

Shari B. modified the Little Greyhound Dolls Pattern to create this cute, white and tan Whippet. Check out Shari's jewelry designs at:

Greyhound Fisherman Style Sweater

Chris C. made this Greyhound sweater. Now she's working on some others to donate for an August fundraiser for Greyhound Friends. Thanks Chris!
That's Halle the Great Dane taking a nap. Lucy is modeling the sweater while Gotti the Italian Greyhound stands by.

Fancy Dancer & Friends

A Life Size Greyhound Crocheted by Renee G.
Renee's hound was a donation for a 4/28/07 fundraiser for Central Ohio Greyhound Rescue. Thanks Renee!

Biscuit & Bertie

Biscuit with his new friend Bertie made by Katie.
(Note...Katie replaced the crystal eyes called for in the pattern with soft eyes so it could be used as a dog toy).

Hound Helps Mom with Crocheted Clone

BRISTOL...A life size crocheted hound made by Carrie H.

Indy the Greyhound naps with his new crocheted friend and helps to stuff (or is that UNstuff) the Crocheted Greyhound his Mom is making.

Roaching Rufus

Rufus takes a nap. Crocheted by Kelly C. for a benefit auction. Thanks Kelly!

Tango the Galgo

Carol S. used the Life Size Greyhound crochet pattern with Patons Divine yarn to create this fuzzy, adorable GALGO named Tango. He was featured in a Fundraiser Auction to benefit Spanish Galgos! Carol's creations have been seen an numerous fundraisers. Thanks Carol!

Life Size Brindle Crocheted Greyhound

Meet Greenleaf II made by Michelle commemorate her friend's Greyhound...

A Patriotic Greyhound Doll by Holly

A Little Greyhound Doll crocheted byDr. Holly Priestley. Holly's crocheted donations can be found in fundraisers from Gettysburg to Florida. Thanks Holly!

Fawn Greyhound with Boa

A Life Size Crocheted Greyhound with a fluffy boa of novelty eyelash yarn. Crocheted by Irene (my Mom).

Pugs by Melissa

Melissa from Colorado crocheted & photographed this life-size Pug from our latest pattern. If you love Pugs, check out her blog:

Meeting of the Hounds

Greyhounds Oshie & Ducky meet a new crocheted hound made by Alice Barta (that's her Dad in the photo). What a greyt photo!

Blue Sox & Hippie

Life Size Greyhounds crocheted by Carol Sheldon for a fundraiser. That's Blue Sox and Hippie (variagated).

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Wyatt's Gotcha Day Crazy Quilt

Commemorating Wyatt Earp's gotcha day...

Ten great hounds on a little yellow bus. Which one would go home with me?
Wyatt Earp August 3, 2003

Violet the Greyhound

Another Greyhound clone made by customizing the Life Size Greyhound Crochet Pattern.

Ronnie The Greyhound

A variation of the Life Size Greyhound Crochet Pattern used to make a clone of the real Ronnie the Greyhound.